Oak Hill Baptist Church
Oak Hill Baptist Church
Wednesday, November 30, 2022
God Loves You, Come See!
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Pastor's Corner


Dear church family and friends,
     It seems that the year has barely started and now the holiday season is rapidly approaching. As time quickly passes, we need to use all opportunities to work for our Savior.  The holidays will put us in more frequent contact with others and give us a chance to tell and show them what Jesus has done for us.  
     I still haven't given up on trying to get a revival going.  But the opportunity is growing slim.  Whatever happens is up to God, but let us show others that revival is in our hearts.  Let's show the love of Jesus in all we do and say; hoping to make a difference in the terrible times we live in. 
     Please continue to pray for our country, Satan is working overtime trying to tear down this great country of ours.  Morals have come to have no meaning.  The politicians seem to only have an interest in what money they can put in their pockets.  Sin is running rampant.  Pray that God will use His people to make a difference.  
     Again, thank you for allowing me to serve here at Oak Hill.  May God bless you and keep you. 
Yours in Christ,
Brother Andy