Oak Hill Baptist Church
Oak Hill Baptist Church
Monday, August 15, 2022
God Loves You, Come See!
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Pastor's Corner


Dear church family and friends,
     Can you believe it's almost time for school to start again?  Time surely does fly.  As Summer is coming to a close, I hope you were able to enjoy some "away or me time".  We all need that getaway time to regroup and revive our spirits.  I pray that a part of your time is being spent in growing in your walk with our Savior.  Let us walk, talk and act with integrity, always showing others that Jesus lives within us.  As I said before, this country needs to see Christians at work and at play.  But always showing the love of Jesus. 
     I am still hoping to get with others and get a progressive revival planned, but if not, then we will plan something for Oak Hill.  However it happens is up to God, but we need to make a concerted effort to reach others.  Revival is always great at Oak Hill, but lets reach out to others too.  Remember, our job is to tell. 
     Please continue to pray for our country, Satan has a strong hold on it right now and through our prayers, along with our brothers and sisters in Christ, we can make a difference.  
     Again, thank you for allowing me to serve here at Oak Hill.  May God bless you and keep you. 
Yours in Christ,
Brother Andy