Oak Hill Baptist Church
Oak Hill Baptist Church
Thursday, February 22, 2024
God Loves You, Come See!
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Pastor's Corner


Dear church family and friends,
   The New Year has come and it seems that it came so fast I didn't have time to get ready.  Our lives seem to be in fast forward all the time.  I pray that you will remember to slow down from your busy schedule and speak to our Lord.  I know He would love to hear from you and maybe even speak to your through His Holy Spirit.
      I am praying that this year will be special for Oak Hill.  We have such a loving Church and I know the Lord sees this and will use us in His will for this community. My health is still giving me problems but hopefully the doctors have a solution for that. 
      As we look around, we can easily be disheartened with the way our country and this world are spiraling deeper in sin.  People dropping out of Church.  Younger people not even interested in Church.  But, keep praying.  Prayer is a mighty weapon that we have against Satan and his minions.  Stay strong in your faith, pray for God's will to be done. Remember, He's coming back for us and we need to be constantly ready.  As He told us in Revelation 22:21; Surely I come quickly.  Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. 
     Continue to pray for each other and again thanks for allowing me to be your pastor.  May God bless and keep you.
Yours in Christ,
Brother Andy