Oak Hill Baptist Church
Oak Hill Baptist Church
Tuesday, August 03, 2021
God Loves You, Come See!

The Prayer List


General Requests

Aldridge, Virginia & Willard
Benson, Buford
Besse, Michael
Browden, Bertha
Canterberry, Charles
Craig, June
Craig, Lauren & Mark
Dement, Rhonda & Royce
Doles, Jimmy
Doles, Polly
Eager, Randy
Fiorenza, Jessica
Franklin, Candace
Freeman, Burlene
Garrett, Tommy
Gill, Thelma
Glossup, Donald
Goodman, Butch
Goodson, Buddy
Goodson, Thomas
Graves, Wiley
Harkness, Rob
Harris, Kellie
Harvey, Tommy
Herrington, Callee
Herrington, Minnie
Herrington, Spencer
Hinson, Debras
Houston, Brayden
Houston, Sherry
Howard, Mike
Hughes, Gary
Hughes, Roy
Ivey, Vickie
Joiner, Caroline
Jones, Judy Aswell
Jones, Keith
Jones, Wayne
Kinney, James
Knighten, Pam
Leonard, Mitch
Lossett, Demetra
Mann, Gertrude
Matheny, W.M.
McIntyre, Marsha
Mitchell, Will
Moore, Ruthie
Mullins, Max
Myrick, Brenda & Bro. Andy
Noble, Glen
Norman, Dorothy
Reynolds, Dale
Rhymes, Brother Eddie & Donna
Robinson, Margaret & Ray
Rogers, Bernard
Rogers, Lance
Rushing, Bro. Eddie
Samansky, Connie
Sisk, Gary & Sondra
Smith, Caroline
Smith, Iris
Smith, LaDonna
Sparks, Jeff
Stewart, Andy
Tucker, Riley
Warren, Marilyn 
Whithorne, Joy
Wilde, Julia
Wyatt, Darlene
Wyatt, Ronald

Cancer Requests

Anderson, Andy
Arthur, Dana
Bates, Audrey
Billings, Donald
Burlew, Cindy
Carlisle, Joe
Cook, Millie
Dark, Shirley
Day, Richard
Dumas, Gloria & Eddie
Eppinette, Perry
Eppinette, Tabitha
Fowler, Brother Bill & Marilyn
Haile, Parker
Hall, Troy
Hendrix, Mary
Jones, Jerry
Kelly, Bobby
Kirby, James
Kirby, Marsha
Lutrick, Keith
McClendon, Laura
McCullough, Billy
McDonald, Ricky
McGaskill, Roy
McIntyre, Gary
McLeod, Debbie
Oldner, Buddy
Perkins, Wade Jr.
Pettis, Runt & Debbie
Powell, Cyndi
Riley, Sandra
Stewart, Jerry
Tharpe, Bill
Walker, Keith
West, Vivian
Wyatt, Eva
Yeldell, Don

Military Requests

Brackett, Daniel
Jewel, Jeremy
McIntyre, Jason
Richter, Eric
Stephenson, Randall

Unspoken Requests

Bro. Andy Myrick
Ida Phillips
Sandra Rogers
Marthann Yates

Grief Requests

Michael Fleming family
Harris Goldenberg family
Jimmy Melton family
Mildred Mitchell family

Nursing Home Requests

Armstrong, Annie
Auter, Don
Bonner, Barbara
Cook, Kenneth
Duncan, Al
Evans, Betty 
Faulkenberry, Frances
Guillory, Debbie
Hataway, Gladys 
Houston, Sherry
Kelly, Betty
Kimball, Pete
Mullins, Larry
Porter, Billie Ruth
Washam, Jennie
Webb, Jim
Wilson, Elaine

Also Pray for:

The Lost
Our Missionaries 
Our Military 
Schools and the children
Our Law Enforcement Officers
Christians being persecuted worldwide
Our president & our country
Abused children
Those suffering the effects of the virus



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