Oak Hill Baptist Church
Oak Hill Baptist Church
Monday, December 04, 2023
God Loves You, Come See!
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Pastor's Corner


Dear church family and friends,
   Here we are just a few days from our Homecoming Services.  I think most of you know that Horseshoe Baptist is going to join us this year for our Homecoming Services and the lunch afterwards.  They have some great cooks and this is looking like a time of great worship and fellowship together.
      This has been an up and down year so far and it's not done yet!  We have experienced losses in our Church family but have also seen the Lord bless us.  We can't outguess God, but it is good to know that all things are in His hand.  My health is giving me problems but I'm hoping that the doctors have a solution for that. 
      We are looking forward to the things God has planned for Oak Hill and pray that we can glorify Him with what we do here.  Stay strong in your faith and pray for His will to be done.  I'm hoping God's people will show their presence during the elections this November. 
     Continue to pray for each other and again thanks for allowing me to be your pastor.  May God bless and keep you.
Yours in Christ,
Brother Andy